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    Talent Concept

    Youde’s outlook on talents: love first and achieve common success.

    Youde Automobile Electric adheres to the principle of “people first and growing together with employees” and regards talents as basis of development to the enterprise. Adhere to the concept that development is of overriding importance and that talents is fundamental guarantee, advocate the positive Culture and create a good working environment of respect for knowledge, respect for talents, recommendation of talents, selecting and making good use of the talents. Keep improving the talent introduction, training, selection, appointment, incentive and guarantee mechanism, strengthen scientific management on talents, take the road of “talents thriving enterprise” and enhance the core competitiveness of the company in the new situation, new environment and new conditions.
    We attract, encourage and appoint talents in all aspects. Youde provides broad space for personal development, good environment for personal growth, effective performance assessment and incentive mechanism, rich Culture and favorable benefits and remuneration; and has a whole set of scientific human resource management system on talent recruitment, selection, appointment and development. “Giving full scope to the talents and making the best use of their abilities”, Youde always provides talents with a broad stage for showing themselves and being themselves.

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